3 Top Walking Tours in Liverpool

Published: 26th July 2011
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Liverpool is a city of many secrets and it is not a surprise. With so many innovations and inventions coming out from the city, so many great artists located there and with great connections with the rest of the world, the city offers plenty of places to see and things to do to any holiday maker.

One of the best ways to explore Liverpool, especially in the summer is by attending one of the many walking tours organized in the city. Ideal for weekend and short breaks, those tours can take you through the most important aspects of the citys history, and often add a twist to that too.

3 Top Walking Tours in Liverpool

One of the most popular walking tour in Liverpool is the Heritage Tour. This one hour long walk focuses on the history of the most prominent buildings that are still opened for the public. One of the greatest aspects of this tour is that you can do it on your own and don’t have to follow the group. Simply download the tours commentary in mp3 and explore it by yourself, listening to the commentary and instructions on your iPod.

The Shiverpool Ghost Tour adds a little twist to the history of the city by exploring its supernatural past. Concentrating on the Hope street area, the tour presents dark stories behind some of the buildings located there.

The last tour I want to mention to you today is the Slave Tour. It is a little known fact that Liverpool has some connections with the slave trade. Liverpool was a major slaving port in the 18th century and its merchants dominated the transatlantic slave trade around that time. In fact, many of the city’s splendour and wealth were built on someone elses blood and tragedy. For an hour and a half, the Slave Tour outlines this infamous history of the city and shows its various associations with this trade. It is by far not a tour for those of a faint heart.

Liverpool is one of the most exciting cities in the world and being able to explore some of its marvels on foot, without the worry of the public transport is certainly a bonus. I recommend Liverpool walking tours to anyone wishing to spend a short break in the city.

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